林振東,生於香港,2000年成為攝影記者,曾於太陽報、明報、am730任職及香港01擔任攝影記者,現於端傳媒擔任攝影主任。於2011及2012 年擔任香港攝影記者協會主席 。2012年,與香港融樂會合作舉辦「生活·少數族裔在香港」攝影展。2014年12月,與香港社區組織協會合作舉辦有關基層長者生活的攝影展「活著」並出版同名書籍。2015年9月,再度與融樂會合作《她說 —— 鏡頭下的少數族裔香港女性》。2016年9月及2018年4月,再度與香港社區組織協會合作舉辦有關更新人士故事的展覽「剖白」及「囚」並出版「囚」攝影集。目前專注紀錄香港政治及社會議題,亦開展其它個人拍攝項目。目前專注紀錄香港政治及社會議題,亦開展其它個人拍攝項目。

Lam Chun Tung

Lam Chun Tung was born in Hong Kong and started his career as a photojournalist in 2000. He worked in The Sun, Ming Pao, AM730, HK01 and currently works for currently works for Initium Media.. Between 2011 and 2012 he served as Chairman of the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association. In 2012, He worked with Unison for the photo exhibition Life. Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong. In December 2014, he collaborated with Society for Community Organization to document life moments of grassroots elderly and launched the photo exhibition and book We Live. In September 2015, he worked with Unison again for the photo project She says - photographing ethnic minority women of Hong Kong.In September 2016, he collaborated with Society for Community Organization to document prisoners  and launched the photo exhibition,confession  and book Prisoner . He is now devoted in documenting political and social issues of Hong Kong whilst exploring personal photo projects.

Lam Chun Tung's Photography

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